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About Us

About Us

Aria Electrical Staffing

was created in 2020 on the United States, with the purpose of offering our client what they're really looking for. A staffing company committed to provide trained and qualified employees capable of accomplishing a task with excellence the first time.

We are a group of professional electricians that line up together to serve the client, fulfilling their requirements in order to efficiently carry out the proposed work. Making their job easier and faster.

In our experience, general contractors and electrical companies, suffer the consequences of receiving temporary employees that are not qualified to do a specific job. This incurs in loss of money and waste of time, and we are here to change that. We are focused on providing the best trained professionals to get an effective job done in less time with the best outcome.

Teamwork is our foundation to achieve a friendly work site full of energy with effective results. Having the best relationship with our workers and between them is the best way of accomplishing the goals as we expected.

We have worked in several States of this country, we can be wherever you need us. Our employees are ready and prepared to work in any condition.

We can guarantee you an excellent experience working with us.


Aria is a safety-focused electrical staffing agency that wants to fulfill your expectations while being safe, always having someone on the field that has safety at the forefront of their priorities, incorporating any practices that they see fit, like pre-task and weekly safety meetings, and daily equipment inspections pre-use.

We are committed to keeping our workers safe, providing them with the necessary PPE equipment to perform any task at the jobsite. We also educate our employees on job site safety and the proper use of safety equipment.

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Electrical Emergencies Can Happen At Any Time.

Count on Aria Electrical Staffing Staffing to provide you with pre-screened, safety-focused, and highly trained temporary workers for all your emergency electrical needs, 24/7.